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Prandina – Modern & Architectural Lighting

Prandina’s creative philosophy, simplicity, formal precision, functionality, long lasting quality for interiors lighting. Since the outset Prandina’s creative philosophy has fulfilled criteria of simplicity and formal precision, functionality and long-lasting quality. Production is implemented with top quality materials and finishing. Also, great care is paid to representing the brand identity seen in the organization of the workplace, the meticulous attention to company graphics, product packaging, display preparations and communication supports.

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Sattler – Modern Lighting Style

True to our motto „LIGHT IN NEW DIMENSIONS“, we regularly take new avenues in our production and continuously develop extraordinary luminaires and lighting solutions for the market – often together with our clients. Our products stand out due to their size and striking design as well as their manufacturing quality.

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Himmee – Lifestyle & Architectural Lighting

One night Niskanen was walking with his dog and suddenly he noticed Loop obstacle from the mini golf track coming out from the snow. He had walked several times by the mini golf track but this time he saw the obstacle for new eyes and the basic form of the Loop-lamp was born. Loop-table lamp has an aluminium body and opal acrylic diffuser. Led-lightsource is placed as an shape of the arch to the upper side of the inner surface of the circle. Lamp can be controlled by touch dimmer at the body of the lamp.

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