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Occhio – Modern Trends & Lifestyle Lighting

The philosophy of Occhio is to make people the lighting designers of their living environments and so improve their quality of life. This is why all products are based on innovative technologies and intuitive operating functions, which playfully make the handling of light pure pleasure. Some luminaires can be simply controlled by a gesture or a smart phone, for example. The latest innovations of the design lighting creators are the spotlight families Più VOLT, io and lui, and the new flagship series Mito. The numerous design prizes are proof of the exceptional standard of Occhio.

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Sèlene Illuminazione – Modern Lighting

The name Selene, in Greek, is the personification of the full Moon, whose etymon means “the shining”: this light, that has intrigued humanity for thousands of years, became the symbol of the company’s mission, initiated during the Sixties in the province of Venice which has been the foremost producer of home lighting for centuries.

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Prandina – Modern & Architectural Lighting

Prandina’s creative philosophy, simplicity, formal precision, functionality, long lasting quality for interiors lighting. Since the outset Prandina’s creative philosophy has fulfilled criteria of simplicity and formal precision, functionality and long-lasting quality. Production is implemented with top quality materials and finishing. Also, great care is paid to representing the brand identity seen in the organization of the workplace, the meticulous attention to company graphics, product packaging, display preparations and communication supports.

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